The introduction video above explains about our Our Quiet Time posters and video sets that uses the S.O.A.P method. Each posters consist of Bible scriptures and grayer guides. The video sets with theses posters are not less than 7 minutes and not more than 8 minutes so you can use them before you go to work, or during lunch break or tea time or even before you go to bed to have a quiet time with God. It can also be used for exhortations or worship time in a Bible study or prayer meetings or even as prayer guides.

Here is how the S.O.A.P method works:-

S = Scripture – Write down the scripture verse / verses / passage that speaks to your heart.
O = Observation – Observe for instructions and understand what God is telling you to do in the verse or passage.
A = Application – Highlight or underline how this scripture can be applied in your life.
P = Prayer – Pray (speak to Abba Father) accordingly to the scripture and ask Him to show you how you can apply the scripture in your life.

We hope you will be blessed by our Quiet Time and Prayer Guide posters and videos sets as we continue to bring you more as we grow together as a family in Christ:-

1. Quiet Time – Set 1 (EUQT1)

2. Quiet Time – Set 2 (EUQT2)

Special thanks to all the contributors of photos by our team members from different countries.


In Christ we serve


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