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MATTHEW 22:14 Amplified Bible (AMP)
14 For many are called (invited, summoned), but few are chosen.

Do you feel it is time for you to be one of the ‘few‘ ones in the above mentioned Bible verse and to step out of the ‘comfort zone’ from being a ‘Sunday Christian’? Are you looking for a place to serve in a ministry? Are you compassionate, have a passion in a certain ministry, self disciplined, self motivated, reliable & able to be committed?  Do you feel that you can offer something to the society than just forwarding other people’s ministry work? Do you know someone who had committed suicide, who has suicidal thoughts, a bully victim, rape or sexual harassment victim and that you can do something about this than just doing nothing? Have you gone through trials and temptations which made you stronger now and you would love to guide and help others now? Do you have musical talents and you would like to work out some gospel songs together with other brothers and sisters in Christ? If your answer is ‘yes’ to all the above, just to let you know that WE NEED YOU! WE NEED MANPOWER.

To volunteer in a ministry or to join us, look at the list of the roles available below and select the roles that you are most comfortable to serve. After you have done so, click on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom left and text us your name, contact number and the department or departments that you would like to serve. There is no form to fill. We will get back to you via WhatsApp as soon as we can.

a) advisors – to give advice and suggestions as and when is required.
b) ambassadors – to recruit team members.
c) authors (articles) – to share articles or DAILY DEVOTIONALS.
d) counselors cum Bible reading partner – to give counseling to the lost & depressed people and to encourage participants to read the Bible together. Minimum serving hours: 1 hour, once a week (1 hour out of 168 hours). Maximum hours: up to you. Must have a laptop or a desktop computer and a good internet wifi. There will be two (2) counselors (minimum) in a team. Click here for more details.
e) choreographers – to teach choreography for events.
f) editorials – to ensure proper grammar and spellings in the website.
g) encouragers – to give encouragement as and when is required.
h) dancers – to dance for events.
i) evangelists – to evangelize to those who do not know about Jesus.
j) ministers – to share the Word of God/testimonies.
k) moderators for chatrooms – to ensure pleasant atmosphere in the chatrooms and create chat activities. All pastors and counselors will be given room moderating authority as well.
l) musicians – to play musical instruments for events.
m) pastors – to be a shepherd to the team members (watch over them), to share the Word of God/testimonies.
n) prayer warriors – to pray along or initiate prayers for prayer requests in the WhatsApp group OR in the Prayer Room 1 (in the website) and acknowledge by replying an ‘Amen’ in our own homes. Prayer warriors do not have to meet anywhere face to face. Click here for more details.
o) prayer warriors leaders – to initiate prayers for prayer requests or random prayers in the WhatsApp group OR in the Prayer Room 1 (in the website) once a week on a fixed day. Click here for more details.
p) singers – to sing.
q) songwriters – to write gospel songs, mainly evangelistic type of songs. Worship songs are allowed too. The reason why we need more evangelistic songs is because we are going to use these songs to go along with life changing testimonies to reach out to the lost and depressed souls. Let the worship teams concentrate on worship songs for worship events so we can concentrate on evangelistic songs for evangelistic events. All songs will be copyrighted under EXPLORATIONS UNITED with the rightful songwriters/composers/music arrangers’ names. Acknowledgement will be given accordingly. We hope to get gospel albums done. Click here to see our projects/events.
r) ushers – to usher the people into the event hall when there is an event.

We look forward to serving our heavenly Father and to grow with you as we run the race together as a family.


Thank you.

In Christ we serve


Feel free to contact us. Click on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom left and text us if you have any questions.